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House Washing in St. Augustine & St. Johns, FL

Why Customers Choose Our House Washing Services

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“Keeping it Clean- did an amazing job! My house was pretty dirty. Dan and his crew where professional, detailed and great value for my two story (3000+ sq) home. My house looks new again!!! Very pleased! Thank you!”

Karen S.

Why Choose
Keep It Clean?

A Soft Touch

An effective alternative to pressure washing, our team offers a house cleaning service that relies entirely on soft washing.

Exterior Window Cleaning

A very popular add-on. This service uses a spot free rinse system. Beautiful windows, screens and more!

Restore Your Color

A good soft washing will restore color to your home panels, making the house look brighter and renewed.

Dirty Homes Can Make Poor First Impressions

When filth builds up on your siding, it can wear away at the color of your home and cause your panels to decay at a faster rate. This can also cause your home’s curb appeal to plummet.

The air you breathe will also be affected. Mold, mildew, dust, cobwebs, grime and other materials take a toll on the air surrounding your property, and can increase your chances of getting sick. Yuck!

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Wash Results

The Process

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It takes roughly 2-4 hours depending on the size of the home.

We pre wet the home to avoid streaks. This is key! Then we use our soft wash system to thoroughly clean the home. Absolutely no pressure. Read our full blog on how to clean hardie board.

Yes, we will hook up to your water to do the job.

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