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Cleaning and Sealing Pavers in St. Augustine & St. Johns, FL

Why Customers Choose Our Paver Sealing Services

“We were very happy with Dan and the service provided. Our pavers look so much better and we’re having him out again to clean and seal the rocks on our home. Excited to have him as a reliable and professional resource to help protect our biggest investment!”

Bethany W.

Why Choose
Keep It Clean?

Sand Joint Stabilization

We use the best joint sand from Trident. This prevents sand washout, reduces weed growth and deters insect infestation. The sand comes in 5 different colors and will keep your surface looking beautiful over time as well as prevent potential safety hazards. 

Remove Weeds and Algae

Our specialty cleaners are designed to take on the toughest offenders and restore the surface to a whole new leve. Bringing the surface back to its original beauty. A surface properly cleaned by our team will look its best and provide optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and performance. We make your pavers look the best they can look.

Sealed Tight

Cleaning your pavers removes nasty substances, and sealing your pavers prevents them from building up again. The glossy or natural look is also not short-lived. Proper sealing creates a clean, fresh look that is made to last.

before and after photo of pavers before sealing and after sealing

Pavers That Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Cleaning your pavers is important when it comes to beautifying the look of your exterior surfaces, but sometimes that isn’t enough. That is why we perform sealing after we clean your pavers.

Properly sealing your pavers is a highly recommended approach to protecting and improving their condition. It prevents dirt, mold and other forms of bacteria by improving the durability of your pavers.

If you have a walkway, brick patio, travertine, marble, or any other pavers; we can seal them and give them that extra level of protection. Let us give your pavers a glossy or natural sheen that will stand out and impress your neighbors.

Recent Paver Sealing

The Process

In just three easy steps, you will be well on your way to a cleaner, healthier home.

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We proudly Use Trident Cleaners and Specialty Sealers

Paver Sealing FAQs

Our team has to come to the property and determine what condition your pavers are in. This helps us determine the right process to use. 

The sealing typically lasts 3-5 years. 

Paver sealing is a 4 day process. On the 1st day, we clean and prep. On day 2, we sand and seal the pavers. Then it requires 2 days to dry. Read our full guide on how-to seal your pavers.

Yes, if you don’t seal pavers they will deteriorate over time. You must keep the paver joint stabilization. This means when the sand wears out, your pavers will move. 

It depends on if your pavers are sealed or not. If they are then we will only soft wash them. No pressure. Read our full guide on how-to seal your pavers.

Yes, we offer a 6 month maintenance package for cleaning your sealed pavers. Contact us for a price. 

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