How Much Does Concrete Sealing Cost in Florida?

If you’ve gone through all the effort to invest in paving a concrete driveway or concrete patio, then you absolutely want it to last. In order to ensure the durability of your concrete floors, you need to use a sealant. But after spending all that money resurfacing your driveways, you’ll want to know what you’re going to have to spend on sealing it too. So, how much do sealers cost in Florida? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is a liquid applied to the surface of concrete to protect it from various elements such as water, stains, and UV rays. It works by penetrating the pores of the concrete and forming a protective barrier on the surface. This barrier helps to prevent water and other liquids from penetrating the concrete and causing damage, such as cracking, spalling, and discoloration, while generally expanding the lifespan of your new concrete.

Additionally, paver sealing can enhance the color and appearance of concrete and make it easier to clean. Concrete sealers are necessary because it will protect your concrete from wear and tear, and also enhance the appearance of your concrete surface.

There are a number of different types of concrete sealers like epoxy, solvent, water-based, polyurethane and acrylic sealers. These different sealers have unique qualities so it’s important to speak with a professional so you know what’s right for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Seal Concrete Yourself? 

If you’re looking to save some money on the labor costs then you may be considering doing it yourself. To buy the sealer on its own, you’re going to be looking at a price range between $0.10 and  $0.75 per square foot to cover the concrete sealing cost.

These kinds of DIY sealers that you can buy for yourself are perfect for small jobs like adding a sealcoat to garage floors. However, once you get to larger projects like a concrete driveway, it’s probably better to use a professional concrete sealing company.

How Much Does it Cost to Seal Concrete Per Square Foot

It can be difficult to provide clear cost guides because there are a number of factors at play. Firstly, not all sealants are made the same. A polyurethane sealer is incredibly effective but will likely have a higher average cost than an acrylic sealant.

Next you have to include labor costs. A professional team hired to apply a driveway sealer is always going to cost more than just doing the job yourself.

However, with these factors in mind, the average cost for materials and labor to sealcoat is $0.90 to $1.10 per square foot. So, if you had a 500 sq.ft asphalt driveway, then you can expect to pay a total cost between $450 and $550.

Schedule a Free Estimate

While it’s certainly possible for homeowners to seal their driveways themselves and save on labor, you probably want to go with a professional, especially if you don’t know how to seal pavers yourself. Not only do you not have to do the work yourself, you also don’t have to worry about getting it wrong and having to pay the repair costs associated with resealing.

So, if you’re looking for the best possible team to seal your concrete, then why not get in touch with us at Keep It Clean Florida. Our expert team has been trusted for years to get the job done to the highest standard.

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